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Dr Jeetah was elected Member of the National Assembly in December 2003 for the first time for Constituency No.7 (Piton/Rivière du Rempart), and remained so until April 2005. Dr Jeetah was re-elected as: • Member of the National Assembly for Constituency No.11 (Vieux Grand Port-Rose Belle), in 2005 and became Minister of Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises, Commerce & Cooperatives (2005 to 2008).He became Minister of Health & Quality of Life (2008 to 2010). • Member of the National Assembly for Constituency No.10 (Montagne Blanche- GRSE)in 2010 and became Minister of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology till 2014. Education and Qualifications: a. University of Cambridge (2002 -2003) - ACU Research Fellowship b. University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) (1984-1993) • BSc (Hons) – Textile Technology • PhD – Textile Technology

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'Award Ceremony for Competition Commission National Contest 2014'

Speech - Award Ceremony for Competition Commission National Contest 2014

BPML Conference Centre, 1st Floor, Cyber Tower 1 – Monday 8 Sept. 2014

·       Honourable V. Bunwaree, Minister of Education and Human Resources

·       Mrs KiranMeetarbhan, Executive Director, Competiton Commission of Mauritius

·       Distinguished Guests

·       Ladies and Gentlemen

Good morning.
I am very pleased to be with you here to-day for the Prize-Giving Ceremony for the National Contest for Students, organised by the Competition Commission of Mauritius, the CCM.
I recall that the setting up of a Competition Commission was part of the Government Programme 2005 – 2010.  When I summed up the purpose of this Competition Bill in 2007, as Minister of Industry and Commerce, I outlined ten principles which addressed the concerns of the stakeholders, and among them were Independence of the Commission; provision for clout of the Bill, effectiveness and efficiency.  To-day I am happy the Commission remained faithful to these principles.
We all know that the role of competition in promoting dynamic markets and economic growth is all important.  It makes business and companies compete fairly with each other.  It encourages enterprises’ efficiency and creates a wider choice for consumers.  It helps reduce prices and improve quality of products and processes.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Harvard University Professor, Michael Porter,taught for long that (I quote) “strong domestic rivalry is a key element of international competitiveness and economic progress[1]. (end quote)
Porter even said that (I quote): “Industries that are most competitive internationally are those in which domestic rivalry is strongest…” (end quote)
I must thank the Competition Commission for organising this contest and I am sure that the Commission has succeeded in the objectives of the contest – namely to create awareness and understanding of the Competition Law and also about the benefits of enforcement of the Law.Competition bolsters the productivity and international competitiveness of the business sector and promotes dynamic markets and economic growth.
It is but natural and essential that our youngsters learn to pick up on competition issues at an early age and, as they come across them when they ultimately reach their workplace or when they run their own businesses in the future, they are aware of its essence and its impact.
People often say that producers are also consumers. They must buy raw materials and energy to produce their products; telecommunications services to communicate with their suppliers and customers; computer equipment to keep track of their inventories; construction services to build their plants and warehouses, and so forth. The extent to which prices for these goods and services are higher than those of their foreign competitors is because of a lack of competition in those markets.  Firms will be less competitive and will suffer in the marketplace.
Ladies and Gentlemen and Students, I know I do not need to persuade an audience already aware of the virtues of ‘competition’.
I wish to extend my appreciation to all the students who have taken part in the competition and who have shown keen interest in such a topical theme which have helped you to develop an awareness and understanding of the Competition Law,
Finally, let me extend my appreciation to the CCM for its endeavours to fulfill its mandate of creating space for all young persons to be alive to the issues that are both of a national and international importance.  It is this broadening of the intellect that will be conducive to the creation and expansion of a wider knowledge base.
Let me congratulate all the participants and the winnersfor this competition who would have certainly, in their own way generated new insights into the theme of the essay.You have done an excellent job, and I am told that the jury was so impressed by the oral presentation that they decided to have a best jury award for the oral presentation.
Once again, congratulations and I wish you all every success in your studies and future careers.
Thank you.

[1] Michael Porter - Professor at The Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, based at the Harvard Business School. His book :The Competitive Advantage of Nations