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Dr Jeetah was elected Member of the National Assembly in December 2003 for the first time for Constituency No.7 (Piton/Rivière du Rempart), and remained so until April 2005. Dr Jeetah was re-elected as: • Member of the National Assembly for Constituency No.11 (Vieux Grand Port-Rose Belle), in 2005 and became Minister of Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises, Commerce & Cooperatives (2005 to 2008).He became Minister of Health & Quality of Life (2008 to 2010). • Member of the National Assembly for Constituency No.10 (Montagne Blanche- GRSE)in 2010 and became Minister of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology till 2014. Education and Qualifications: a. University of Cambridge (2002 -2003) - ACU Research Fellowship b. University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) (1984-1993) • BSc (Hons) – Textile Technology • PhD – Textile Technology

Opening Ceremony of Multi-Disciplinary Workshop on ‘Emerging Trends in Education: Technology, Research and’ Curriculum (9th to 22nd July 2014) & Launching of ICT Handbook in Asian Languages


Speech - Workshop on Emerging Trends in Education: Technology, Research & Curriculum
09 July 2014

·       MrBijayeMadhou, Director General (MGI& RTI),
·       Director (MGI),
·       Heads of Schools,
·       Heads of Departments
·       The experts from India,
It gives me immense pleasure to be present of the Opening Ceremony of the workshop on Emerging Trends in Education: Technology, Research and Curriculum organized by the Language Resource Centre of the MGI.
I congratulate the MGI for this good initiative, which aims at capacity building among Academic staff members and Educators in Asian Languages.
 I have been informed that the workshop will mainly provide insight into new technologies to be used in the field of language teaching.We all know that digital technology is becoming an important tool to promote education and that it is particularly vital for the teaching of languages. It is therefore essential that both teachers and students develop the skills and competence to use digital tools. Access to open educational resources is critical for  lifelong learning. We believe in this government that the  concept of ‘Openness’ in education should be encouraged and people should have access to  knowledge through the Internet for the benefit of society as a whole. Open access to education is useful in reducing social inequalities, and expanding access to education as well as fostering social inclusion of migrants.
I understand that the Language Resource Centre of Mahatma Gandhi Institute has already started producing multimedia materials and open education resources in Asian Languages and same have been showcased in two workshops with the Commonwealth of Learning. Mauritius is one of the few countries where about 10 languages are taught within the schools and several others outside the school system. Today more than ever, within the context of   globalized trade , the importance of Asian languages  are being emphasized. In the tourism sector, in the ICT sector and international trade, we need more people with ability to speak different languages. The Mahatma Gandhi Institute should continue to develop  language teaching and share its experience by creating  a specialized open education resource platform for language learning.
I would like to express my gratitude to the five Indian experts who have agreed to conduct the workshop in order to invest in the capability of the Academics and Educators at the MGI. Moreover, this workshop also aims at providing a multi-disciplinary platform where, I understand, local resource persons are showcasing their experiences in the field of Curriculum Development, usage of Moodle platform, Distance Education and Open Learning experiences among others.
I congratulate the MGI for the organization of such an important workshop in the cross-disciplinary field which ultimately contribute to the vision of the Ministry and the Government at large in creating out of Mauritius a Knowledge Hub.
I am pleased also launch the ICT Handbooks in Asian Languages produced by the LRC.
Thank you and I declare this workshop open.

You reap as you sow ...so it seems....