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Dr Jeetah was elected Member of the National Assembly in December 2003 for the first time for Constituency No.7 (Piton/Rivière du Rempart), and remained so until April 2005. Dr Jeetah was re-elected as: • Member of the National Assembly for Constituency No.11 (Vieux Grand Port-Rose Belle), in 2005 and became Minister of Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises, Commerce & Cooperatives (2005 to 2008).He became Minister of Health & Quality of Life (2008 to 2010). • Member of the National Assembly for Constituency No.10 (Montagne Blanche- GRSE)in 2010 and became Minister of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology till 2014. Education and Qualifications: a. University of Cambridge (2002 -2003) - ACU Research Fellowship b. University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) (1984-1993) • BSc (Hons) – Textile Technology • PhD – Textile Technology

“Meeting Tertiary Education Institutions”


“Caravane de la Science” - Droopnath Ramphul State College


 I was at an Interactive Session on the occasion of the “Caravane de la Science” visiting the Droopnath Ramphul College. We started the ‘Caravane de la Science’ in June 2010 to go to schools and public places to create greater awareness of Science and Technology.  The main benefits of this programme will be an increased awareness and understanding among the community on the important role that Science and Technology plays in our life. My sincere thanks go to Ministry of Education and Human Resources, the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, the Droopnath Ramphul State College. I would also like to impress upon the rectors and teachers to motivate their students to participate in such kind of activities. I wish all students all the best as they pursue their passion in Science and Technology.