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Dr Jeetah was elected Member of the National Assembly in December 2003 for the first time for Constituency No.7 (Piton/Rivière du Rempart), and remained so until April 2005. Dr Jeetah was re-elected as: • Member of the National Assembly for Constituency No.11 (Vieux Grand Port-Rose Belle), in 2005 and became Minister of Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises, Commerce & Cooperatives (2005 to 2008).He became Minister of Health & Quality of Life (2008 to 2010). • Member of the National Assembly for Constituency No.10 (Montagne Blanche- GRSE)in 2010 and became Minister of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology till 2014. Education and Qualifications: a. University of Cambridge (2002 -2003) - ACU Research Fellowship b. University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) (1984-1993) • BSc (Hons) – Textile Technology • PhD – Textile Technology

I will be attending the ‘Eighth Annual Meeting of the Science and Technology in Society Minister’s Forum’ which is being held in Kyoto, Japan from the 2nd to 6th of October 2011. I will seize this opportunity to meet some noble prize winners in view of future collaboration.

‘Press Conference on UNIVERSIADE 2011’

A press conference was held at The Link Hotel Ebéne to launch the ‘UNIVERSIADE 2011’ (An Inter Tertiary Institutions Sports Competition).  It is being organised by my Ministry and the Tertiary Education Commission in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The practice of sport is considered to be important in the overall development of the psyche and character of any individual. It is therefore essential that the capacity to develop physical, intellectual and moral qualities through sports be guaranteed within the educational system. This competition will also provide another platform to expose students to an arena in which all persons are treated fairly, regardless of their background or social standing.

‘ The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. ‘



 Some time back, I requested the Mauritius Research Council to coordinate and set up five national research groups around five themes of utmost significance to Mauritian society:  Water Resources, Traffic Logistics, Positive Energy Buildings, Quality of Food and Human Resources.  I wish to thank the MRC for having earnestly materialized this initiative. The main reason behind the setting up of these research groups was to have our local researchers and academics join hands with practitioners and decision makers in their respective fields in order to enable a holistic understanding of the challenges facing each thematic group, identify priority research projects and carry out such research whose findings can ultimately define policy. In a sense therefore, it would be the research community’s contribution in addressing these five topical problematic issues. There are lots to expect from our human resources but also many obstacles to overcome.  I am sure today’s workshop will enlighten further.  I would like to ask the participants to make the most of the workshop and I wish them fruitful discussions. 

‘Courtesy call of the Chinese Ambassador’

I met with Her Excellency, Mrs. Bian Yanhua, Chinese Ambassador in Mauritius and others to discuss the setting up of a National Science Park in Mauritius.

‘Visit of Prof. Richard Croucher’

 I met with Richard Croucher, Professor of Comparative Employment Relations and Associate Dean Research at the Middlesex University Business School (MUBS), UK. He is a well known senior researcher, research manager and teacher in employment relations and HRM with demonstrable international links and reputation. He has extensive publications, strong track record in raising funds from important funders and managing research projects.   Prof. R. Croucher is in Mauritius to conduct research on ‘The (non) adoption of MNC Human Resource Management Practices: Host country Perceptions’ at the Faculty of Law and Management, University of Mauritius. The project will examine the adoption, modification or rejection of MNC Human Resource Management practices, focusing on those that have shown to promote information sharing and thus sustainable competitive advantage.

‘Visit of the High Commissioner of India’


I met with the Indian Ambassador His Excellency Mr. T.P. Seetharam, High Commissioner of India to discuss areas of cooperation between the Tertiary Education Institutions of Mauritius and India.



It gave me great pleasure to be present for the prize giving ceremony of the first Quiz Competition organised for the Post Secondary Sector held at the Lecture Theatre of the Mauritius College of the Air (MCA).   The idea of organising such a competition was mooted early this year at the level of my ministry.  I would like to congratulate the Mauritius College of the Air and all the stakeholders for their cohesive efforts in organising the 1st ever Quiz Competition for the post secondary sector .I would like to congratulate the winners and all the participants and thank everyone who has contributed to the success of this event.  I hope that the competition will continuously be held for the coming years.

‘International Tourism Sustainability Conference 2011’


It gave me great pleasure to launch the Opening Ceremony of the International Tourism and Sustainability Conference 2011 organised jointly by the School of Sustainable Development and Tourism of the UTM and the University of Bedfordshire, UK.  As Minister of Tertiary Education, it is for me a matter of pride that one of our tertiary institutions is organizing such a conference in Mauritius, with the participation of many academics, experts locally and from abroad among others UK, India, Malaysia, Romania, Spain, Kenya, and Tanzania. We will certainly benefit from their presence and contribution on a subject that is very topical today and which will influence the type and quality of life of future generations and the very survival of our planet. The theme of this conference “Embracing Social and Environmental Change: the Influence and Role of Tourism”. My message to all of them is to ensure that at the end of these three days, we are better informed of the concept of sustainability in tourism for the planet and what it means for all of us. They will hopefully come up with new findings and recommendations that will further add to the existing knowledge and literature. I wish them all a very successful and fruitful conference and thank the staff of UTM, in particular Dr Durbarry Head of School of Sustainable Development, UTM and Conference Co-Chair and Professor Andrew Holden, Conference Co-Chair, University of Bedfordshire, for convening this conference.

Meeting ‘Centers for Learning on Evaluation & Results’ (CLEAR) Delegation

I  had a meeting with Ms.N. Khattri, Senior Evaluation Officer , X.F Fernandez Ordonez, CLEAR Secretariat, Independent Evaluation Group from World Bank, ,UOM representatives and other officials of my Ministry  to discuss the objectives of the CLEAR(Centers for learning on Evaluation and Results)  Initiative. CLEAR is a mutiregional program, whose goal is to contribute to strengthening the monitoring , evaluation and results-based management capacity  of countries to attain development outcomes. The UOM is one of the shortlisted institutions which is participating in the bidding process to host the proposed  CLEAR center in Francophone  Africa.

‘Planting of tree at the University of Mauritius’

Hon. Naledi Pandor, Minister of Science and Technology of the Republic of South Africa and her delegation, actually in Mauritius for the ‘Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope (SKA) Project’, were invited for the planting of a tree at the University of Mauritius.

‘Presentation of the Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope (SKA) Project’



 I would like to extend a very warm welcome to Hon. Naledi Pandor, Minister of Science and Technology of the Republic of South Africa and to members of her delegation to Mauritius and wish them all a pleasant stay with us. I had a meeting at the UOM and the main purpose was to take cognizance of the status of the African Square Kilometre Array Telescope (SKA) bid as well as the progress made on the project. For those who are hearing of this project today, I am sure you will understand that if this facility is constructed in Africa, it will uplift the Continent to the forefront of science for years to come. Officials of my Ministry and of the Mauritius Research Council have been actively engaged in the various meetings.  Once the setting up of the radio astronomy facility, the University of Mauritius will be called through the Mauritius Radio Telescope Department to play an active role. Students and scientists from several African countries have benefited from these grants through a dedicated programme which have led to radio astronomy and related programmes being offered in other universities including in Mauritius. My Ministry looks forward to contributing in the successful implementation of the SKA Project.

‘Visit of Delegation from South Africa’

I met with Mrs. Naledi Pandor, Minister of Science and Technology along with her delegation from South Africa, to discuss avenues of cooperation between South Africa and Mauritius mostly in the field of Science and Technology.



I was pleased to officially launch the National Research Group on the impacts of food quality on human health held today at the Conference Hall of the Cyber Tower 1, Ebene. In today’s workshop the Technical committee on Impacts of Food Quality on Human Health presented the situational analysis on a range of topics including food norms and regulations, sustainable agriculture, health issues and monitoring of food safety. The outcome of the workshop will be the elaboration of a national research agenda for a better health and food quality. I wish them all the best for their deliberations and discussions.

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‘Opening of the International Conference on Contemporary Mauritius’

It gave me immense pleasure to associate myself with this conference on Contemporary Mauritius, organized by the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, in collaboration with the University of Technology, Mauritius and Mauritius Research Council. To-day for this international Conference, it was an honour and priviledge to have in our midst such eminent scholars as Professor Eriksen, Anthropologist from the University of Oslo, Professor Kothari from the University of Manchester and Dr Shivraj Sohur from Harvard Medical School who addressed some of the pertinent issues relating to Contemporary Mauritius.  Themes for the different panels covered all aspects of society, ranging from politics to culture, the economy, society and as well as the arts. These themes will be the backdrop to the subjects that will be addressed by some thirty other participants from MGI, UTM and MRC. I thank all the organizers, the participants from our local and foreign institutions and wish all of them fruitful deliberations.